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8 Beeswax Paint Sticks

8 Beeswax Paint Sticks

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8 smooth paint sticks handmade using beeswax and fine earth & mineral colours. A versatile set of richly-hued solid paints that work beautifully for a variety of art projects. Especially made for children with no fillers or petrochemicals.  Creates rich colour.

The Paint Sticks set will give children a fun add on activity to their day. Excellent as a sensory activity too because of the sticks' texture and softness that help make layer over layer of thick colour.

The Paint Sticks are softer than the oil pastels and very buttery. The child's hands may get a little stain that can be washed away using water and soap. They provide a wonderful sensory experience for the child and their softness helps encourage experimentation of colour.
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