Our Story

Authentic & sweet-smelling beeswax crayons and art supplies for children. Our products are handmade to traditional recipes using comforting and natural ingredients. Gentle on your child and gentle on the earth. Guaranteed to spur creativity and a free soul.

Our beeswax crayons are made using golden, sweet-smelling beeswax to ensure a high quality and delightful beeswax crayon. For the rest of the ingredients, we sprinkle in some Carnauba wax and carefully chosen German earth and mineral pigments to create vibrant colors. The final crayon mix is an all-natural and non-toxic wax solution poured into various molds to create a variety of shapes for children of all ages and stages. Our formula is our pride and joy. Unlike many art supplies for children in the market, we add no plastic, no lead and no heavy binders or fillers! At the same time, we want our creation to be a truly beeswax crayon so we have upped the percentage of beeswax content as high as is possible to make a solid, sturdy and bright crayon made with the cleanest ingredients that smells like honey. Nourished with 75% of beeswax and the rest, a fusion of other Eco-friendly and soothing ingredients, Smilogy crayons are a symbol of earth's riches; safe and gentle for your child. The density of beeswax in each crayon guarantees smooth, flowing writing and coloring. Moreover, the grooves, patterns, and intriguing shapes of our crayons, in warm and vibrant hues are bound to move your child's curiosity!

Smilogy Beeswax Crayons are lab tested and confirmed free of heavy metals and certified safe for children. This ensures a bite or two by an exploring toddler will do no harm. Some shapes are designed for toddlers while some others are for bigger kids. You will also find some designs suitable for all ages. Please check age specification in the description of each product. Each crayon set is hand poured with utmost care and packed in sturdy paper and cardboard packaging. Suitable for use at home or in travel. A piece of nature in your child's hands.

Choose from our ever-growing variety of crayons for a satisfying sensory and learning experience for your child. We are sure a box of Smilogy Beeswax Crayons will gift a memorable experience of nature- right there in the little hands!

Due to the production process from start to finish, being by hand with the aid of simple tools, do expect small irregularities. If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to use any of the channels on the Contact page to reach us or simply email to hello@smilogykids.com. We will soon be in touch!

Fathima A Najmudeen.