Our Ingredients | Eco-Friendly Safe and Gentle Beeswax Crayons

Beeswax- as you may have noticed, beeswax is our main ingredient. Simply because we believe that is the only way beeswax crayons ought to be. We use golden beeswax, sometimes bars and at other times pellets in our crayons.


Beeswax chunks for crayons


Carnauba wax- we add in a sprinkle of this hard wax which helps our crayons in ways more than one! One of the main benefits is the beautiful shine it leaves on our crayons!

Earth and mineral pigments- to complete the equation of natural crayons, we use fine German earth and mineral pigments. We have carefully selected a beautiful set from warm umbers, ochres, ultramarines and other natural pigments to ensure your little one has a good choice in their crayon box! Mixed with melted golden beeswax, the end result is deep, vibrant and soothing color.

Other ingredients- likewise, all our other ingredients are carefully chosen after much research and thought. Be it chalk, pastels, paints or anything else we create. Safety for children is priority. What we look for are substitutes for some of the harsh ingredients used today in children's toys, tools and activities. We look for gentle, fun and satisfying to the little end user. Taking time to choose what will benefit the child as well as ascertaining minimal to no impact on our earth and its creatures as we enjoy its bounties.