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10 Beeswax Oil Pastels in an Artist Roll

10 Beeswax Oil Pastels in an Artist Roll

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A vibrant set of 10 natural oil pastels. Made using golden beeswax and linseed oil, this set is guaranteed to delight your child. Creamy texture, easy to blend. Inspiring colours made using fine German earth and mineral pigments, hand-cut to make a nice point. Plastic and heavy metal free. 

Great to help young children with their first experience with the age-old medium of oil for art. Made with beeswax as a base. No harsh fillers or stabilisers. 
The beeswax oil pastels glide on paper easily, creating vibrant and warm earth colours. While having the satisfying pasty feel that oil pastels are loved for, they are not too stiff for a child to use and enjoy.

The pastels are wrapped in a mini artist crayon roll that we sew in house. Securely sewn with no raw edges using 100% handloom cotton fabric in a light coffee brown. Washable.

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